About us

About us


We are bold, sexy and up to date with fashion trends. Be a part of us with the style we follow.
We build it with our team of young and creative people for whom you are special. 
Each new season we will offer you new models and combinations of items.


  • Young team - allows us to have a fresh and youthful look of the clothes
  • Creativity - regular monitoring of fashion trends in the world and their transformation into our style
  • Special treatment - constant commitment and empathy to the client
  • High quality fabrics - WITHOUT COMPROMISE
  • Transfer of knowledge and advice – искаме нашите клиенти да получават необходимата информация преди да направят своя избор, за да се чувстват комфортно с новата си визия.

What is

This is the scream of fashion, combined with the voice of modern and well-groomed people. 
Do you want to be up to date with fashion, but at the same time stand out from the crowd with your vision? Wolf pride is your style!
The clothing we will offer you is well thought out in advance. The goal is for each garment to match the other, even if purchased separately and not as a set. In addition, each garment itself is unique and fits any wardrobe.
We create a bold style of clothing among young people with a sense of confidence, sex appeal and dominance among others. 

In short "A vision of a predatory nature"